I started this site in 2001 because I was fed up with all the so-called free porn sites who did nothing else than jerk you around, throw popups in your face, install dialers etc.  So I created a clean page without any popups, redirects, dialers or other bullshit.  Now 4 years later is still here and it won't go away anywhere soon :)

I have been getting mails lately from people who are seeing popups, redirects etc.  Let me tell you they do not come from me.  There are 2 possible reasons, either the owner of the gallery I linked to is cheating or you have spyware on your computer. 

I do know a lot of the owners of the galleries I link to, so in most cases it's spyware.  Anyway there shouldn't be any popups on the galleries and all the small thumbs should go to bigger pictures and not to another site.  If you encounter a gallery with popups/redirects, please mail me and I'll ban the gallery domain(s).

This being said, there's some usefull information below.


Automatic Image Resizing In IE 6.0:

When you downloaded Internet Explorer 6.0 you may have noticed that every "big" picture you load up automatically resizes itself to fit into the browser. When I first got this I couldn't believe they made this feature, very annoying in my opinion (especially for people using a resolution 1024x768 or higher and a fast internet connection). 
Anyways it's easy to turn off, just do this:

Go to "Tools" > "Internet Options" > Click The "Advanced" Tab > Scroll Down To "Multimedia" > Uncheck The Box That Says "Enable Automatic Image Resizing" > Click "OK"



Again if you are seeing popups when you visit, they do NOT come from me.  There's a big chance you are infected with spyware.
  This probably occured either when you downloaded a program which installed "spyware" on your computer or you visited a site that had a code in it that changed your settings (hosts files) silently. 

For surfing porn, I highly suggest you use Mozilla Firefox as a browser.  Almost all spyware is targeted to the internet explorer browser, so chances are very slim you'll get infected with spyware using Mozilla Firefox.  It's free and easy to install.

If you are infected with spyware I suggest the following two programs that can be downloaded for free from

* Ad-aware *
Spy Bot Search & Destroy 1.2 *
* Useful Spyware Site *

Also very important, go to and download the latest upgrades and security patches for Windows systems.

Below are some good forums that offer you help if you are infected with spyware.  You'll have to post a hijack this log (it's a program that makes a log of all active processes) so the nice people over there can identify the spyware & help you to solve the problem.

SpywareInfo *
* Spyware Assistance *





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